Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Interactions between humans and computers using Natural Language

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence dealing with the interaction between computers and humans. It often relates to speech recognition, natural language understanding and natural language generation.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) importance has exponentially been increasing over recent years and has very much become a mainstream technology that we even have in our phones and home e.g. Alexa (don’t say it out loud), without even really thinking about it.

As NLP requirements are expanding rapidly, as is the need for experts in this field. If you are looking to recruit someone with expertise in NLP, we are here to help. Talent Crew has built significant, global talent pools of candidates passionate about NLP and related technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, covering the following role types and more for permanent, contract and consulting positions. We also have significant experience with fast exploding start-ups’ Land and Expand projects into new regions:

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