"Efficient and friendly, I cannot recommend Talent Crew highly enough. Their first successful placement with us started with them understanding in detail both our requirement and our culture. They have now become our go to agency in our specialised area, repeatedly providing fantastic candidates against aggressive time spans." - Jon at BT

We focus
Talent Crew is a boutique agency specialising in Executive, Documentation and IT Development Team recruitment (contract and permanent).  We work throughout the UK and EMEA across all industries in Documentation and IT circles, however, we focus on the Software as a Service (SaaS) arena for Executives; what we consider to be the future.

Meet our Talented Crew!
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We believe
Passion, integrity, efficiency and dedication to customer service are our 4 core values and, in line with our name, it is our goal to supply you with the best talent possible. After all, talent powers a business to success!

An excellent new adventure starts with us!
We understand that from a candidate's perspective the experience of working with a new employer starts with us.  We share our client's passion and achievements and enthusiastically communicate them with all potential new candidates.  Furthermore, whilst nurturing our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process, we develop long lasting and respectful relationships.

We are result driven too
We are very proud of our success rate!  Below are some metrics relating to one of our key clients for 2011:

CVs per vacancy4.00
Percentage of interviews to CVs71%
Percentage offer to acceptance83%
Positions filled83%
Client satisfactionVery satisfied

There is no better satisfaction for us than knowing that we have successfully connected the right candidate to the right client, giving candidates the job satisfaction they deserve and driving clients onto even greater success.

Want us to work on your new crew? Register your vacancy or, better still, give us a call on 01983 867944. All we ask is for you to be open, honest and reactive – just like us.

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