Passion, integrity, efficiency and dedication
to customer service are our 4 core values.

they say

As the EMEA recruiter for Sales and Services organizations at Workday I am responsible for driving our recruitment activity.

I’ve worked with Brigitte and Sean since I joined Workday six months ago and have found them to be possibly the most effective and pleasant recruitment consultants I have ever worked with in 17 years of recruitment. They overachieve in every way - from the quality of the candidates that they introduce to us, to the speed of response, communication, excellent candidate experience and feedback. They understand this industry to the highest level and have an excellent reputation.

Who Are We?

Talent Crew is a boutique recruitment agency specialising in Enterprise Technology: Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) and Cloud… across all job functions, VPs, IT, Sales, Marketing, Consulting and HR.


Skills gaps across all industries are poised to grow in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Rapid advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics and other emerging technologies are happening in ever shorter cycles, changing the very nature of the jobs that need to be done - and the skills needed to do them - faster than ever before. Access to skilled workers is already a key factor that sets successful companies apart from failing ones. THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN!!!!


Over the last 10 years, Talent Crew has evolved its Enterprise Technology 
focus from ERP to SaaS and now Enterprise AI.

We work with clients ranging from distinguished, fast exploding pre-iPO vendors all the way to FTSE 100 businesses - globally. One of our specialities is helping our clients LAND AND EXPAND FAST into new regions. We also work with end user organisations finding the best talent to implement and manage new emerging technologies such RPA (Robotics Process Automation), AI, Machine Learning…

why work
with us?

Why our clients and candidates say they like working with us:
  • We are NOT PUSHY
  • We offer quality candidates fast
  • We are dedicated to delivering the optimum customer service/experience
  • We work in complete partnership with our clients and candidates offering guidance, support and market/industry knowledge
  • We are genuine experts in their field
  • We align the right candidate to the right opportunities
  • We can tailor the client/candidate recruitment journey to perfection
  • Our core values shine through the overall customer experience:

    › Genuine care and respect

    › Passion for technology

    › Intelligent working

    › Relentless positivity and integrity

about us
about us

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